Meet Our String Expert, Pat!

We are very proud to have Patrick Lee, renowned stringer and racquet expert on our staff!
Jersey 34 Management Team

Frequently Asked Questions with Pat Lee!

1) What experience do you have stringing racquets?
“I have been a USRSA certified stringer since 2006. I have extensive experience stringing over this period of time. I have strung thousands of racquets since I was first taught how to string properly. Whether it’s college or high school players, recreational players, or your weekend warriors, each racquet I string receives the same quality attention regardless of their tennis level or background.”

2) What can be done to a racquet that most people do not know about?
“I am also experienced in personal customization racquets. I can alter the grip size, weight, balance, and overall feel of the racquet, which most people don’t know is an option.”

3) How would you know what is the best string for my game?
“I am very knowledgeable about the different string types as well as their playability. I am always trying new racquets, strings and combinations so that when someone has a question about their equipment, I can give an informed answer as opposed to speculation. If you have any questions about equipment, feel free to ask me. I would gladly take the time to give you a detailed explanation.”